Towels & Bathrobes

• Towels are a textile item commonly used to remove and collect moisture, often water, from an object.
• Towels are generally used by being placed on an object, and are typically pressed and rubbed for maximum effect.
• Towels are most often made of absorbent material like cotton, bamboo, paper, synthetic fibres or other textiles, and the fabric often has a looped pile and is known as ‘terry cloth’.
• Towels are commonly used after showering or bathing to dry oneself or one’s hands, and they can also be used for, but are not limited to, drying dishes and kitchen items, by sports enthusiasts to remove perspiration, at the beach to lay on, or for decorative purposes.
• Towels are often dyed a single colour, although imagery or patterns can be imprinted or woven in, and other decorative features can also be included.
• Until the availability of mass production machinery in the 1800s, towels were uncommon, due to being time-consuming to make, and as a result, expensive.
• Towels are generally made by machines that spin, warp, weave, bleach and dye the material, as well as package the product.
• It is said that towels were invented in Turkey, in the Middle East, and they were originally light and sheet-like.

Bath robes are usually worn before taking a shower to cover the body or after taking a shower to dry off the water. Bath robes are mostly found in cotton fabric which makes it more comfortable. But now it has become a fashion and more trendy style with elegant looks are becoming popular. They come in more variety of fabric like the terry and micro terry bathrobes, velour, waffle, microfiber, cotton, Turkish cotton or cotton and polyesters combinations, polyester fabrics, fleece, 100% organic cotton, bamboo and the latest fashion incorporates the silk bathrobes. The silk bathrobe lacks the absorbing quality so it is merely used to cover the body and used as a secondary garment to cover the sleeping clothes.

With the huge variety offered in the market it is obvious to get confused while making a choice of bathrobe the bath robe should be of soft material which absorption of water and feels smooth to the skin. It should not be clingy and the person should feel comfortable and fresh in spite of the wrap. Always look for the style, fabric and colors of the robes while buying as Even the style meets the different purpose and demands of the buyer like the kimono style robes, shower wraps, ballerina style robe, spa robes, hooded robes, and beach wraps.